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The hypnotizing power of contrast.

30. 01. 2019

Mesmerizing and uncompromising. Stylish and intriguing. Black, like no other colour, emphasizes the nobility of the accompanying materials and the thoughtful arrangement of space. The new version of Radaway Hypnotic shower enclosures is a harmonious combination of glass and black colour, class and elegance. Its symbol has become the image of a wild cat – a black panther and its mesmerizing eyes. Black panther is a type of jaguar – in the least common variant of colours. It symbolizes the inner power, courage, self-confidence, but also the strength of the heart. In western culture it is a symbol of class, elegance and prestige. Exactly these features characterize the Hypnotic shower enclosures, which together with their expressive line will add an extraordinary character to any interior.

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