Furo Gold PND II


The Furo series is characterized by an unprecedented quality among sliding shower enclosures. By resigning from the upper rail and placing the doors on rollers, we have obtained cabins of extraordinary elegance, lightness and transparency. The rollers have been flush-fitted with the glass on the inside, making it easier to keep the cabin clean. The door slides in front of a fixed segment, giving us a spacious and comfortable entrance.

Products from this collection can be adapted to your needs by changing the handles, methods of stabilization, the color of the gaskets or the color of the profiles.

  • GLASS 8 MM

    Safety glass, tempered with thickness 8 mm, compatible with standard PN:EN 12150:1.

  • System mocowania do ściany + niwelacja krzywizny

    Fixing system

    Wall mounting system with profiles allowing leveling the curvature of the wall.

  • Zmiana uchwytów

    Stabilizing grip

    A stabilizing grip with an innovative door slowing system.

  • Furo roller

    The rollers are flush-fitted with the glass pane - a flat surface facilitates the process of keeping the shower enclosure clean.

  • Transparent


  • Glass variants


    The product can be ordered in several glass options. [ More ]

  • Easy Clean


    Glass protection coating allows to clean the shower enclosure easily. Due to hydrophobic properties of the coating, water drops does not stay on the glass but streams down without leaving the stains.

  • GOLD


  • Made to measure


    This product might be customize to your individual needs. [ More ]


    The product can be ordered in several glass options. [ More ]



    It is possible to perform the laser engraving on the glass. [ More ]

  • Print on glass

    Print on glass

    "Print Radaway" service (printing on glass) is offered on transparent glass, UltraClear®, brown, graphite glass and glass thicknesses up to 10 mm. [ More ]

  • New handle option for the Furo series

    New handle option for the Furo series

    Possibility of replacing the standard handle with a hole cut in the glass pane. [ More ]

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