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Extension profiles Idea DWJ

Extension profiles have two main functions.

  • They allow leveling the curvature of the walls. Shower enclosures are supposed to be mounted to straight walls, but it often happens that they are not perfectly vertical. Standard wall profiles allow leveling the curvature of the walls up to 1 cm (depending on the series of shower enclosures). When this regulation is insufficient, extension profiles allow for additional 2 cm adjustment.
  • They allow enlargement of nominal size of shower enclosure / shower doors. When a product of a standard size is missing a few centimeters to fit into the prepared niche we use extension profiles to increase its nominal dimension without having to order tailor-made product. For example, the width of the niche is 92 cm, standard size of shower door is 90 cm. We can mount a standard shower door (90 cm), and fill in the gap with one +2 cm profile.

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