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The presented bathroom put a considerable challenge in front of the authors of the project. In the small space they had to fit several sanitary facilities that we use every day, such as toilet seat, sink, radiator or cabinet and washing machine. The key issue when designing the interior is to ensure the convenience of its use, and the appropriate arrangement of these pieces of equipment is a problem for almost every owner of a small bathroom.


Łukasz Rabura – Head of Non-standard Shower Enclosure Department

The client asked us for help in choosing a shower enclosure in the bathroom, where the toilet and sink are located very close to the bathing zone. The challenge was to put the cabin so that the bathroom ceramics would not hinder the access. Arranging the interior of the room, we proposed a custom model of the shower enclosure based on two products: Eos KDD B and Eos II KDD. On the one side, the door opens both inside and outside, without interfering with the toilet next to it. On the other side, thanks to the door that folds on the wall, we get a wide and comfortable entrance to the bathing area. Even in a small bathroom, we can create a functional shower.

Solution available in series:

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