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Bathroom seemingly large, in fact – due to the bevels – small and difficult to arrange. The placement of the toilet, sink, shower enclosure and bathtub so that you can use them freely is not an easy task – but it is not impossible.


Łukasz Rabura – Head of Non-standard Shower Enclosure Department

A custom-made shower enclosure is a great solution for use on a bathtub, especially in small-sized bathrooms, in which these two elements must come into contact with each other. The use of a non-standard Art KDJ I shower enclosure with a side wall mounted on the wall solves the problem of uncomfortable, hard-to-reach space between the bath and the shower, which is very hard to clean. In addition, we obtain a useful shelf inside the bathing zone. Thanks to this, cosmetics are always at hand and you can reach them at any time.

Solution available in series:

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