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Presented bathroom is located in a newly built block. It is a main bathroom for a family of 2 + 1. The apartment is not large, so the bathroom, in addition to its primary purpose, functions also as a small laundry and utility room.


Łukasz Rabura – Head of Non-standard Shower Enclosure Department


The small bathroom requires optimum use of space and its arrangement must be carefully thought out. Take advantage of any, even the smallest existing niche. Depending on the size and the place where they are located, they can perform different functions, but remember that you can install a shower enclosure even in a small niche. An interesting way is to use the custom cabin with a profile mounted to the front or side of the wall. In this case, we have offered Torrenta KDJ shower enclosure, which frameless door gives the impression of delicacy and clarity. Frameless shower enclosures with transparent glass add smoothness and lightness to the interior space, and thus increase it optically.

Solution available in series:

Euphoria*, Espera*, Carena*, Eos, Eos II, Fuenta, Almatea, Essenza, Torrenta, Treviso*, Twist*, Premium Plus*
Series marked with * have profiles that can be installed only to the front of the wall; other both to the front and side of the wall.
The presented solution is based on Torrenta series.

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