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The walls and ceilings in the apartment may seem even and smooth, and the angles between them right. Meanwhile, during its arrangement, it often turns out that the reality is different. In the bathroom, the problem usually occurs when laying tiles or installing a shower enclosure.

Natalia Stanisławska – Customer Service Specialist

If the shower enclosure is installed on uneven wall surface, we do not have to renovate the entire bathroom immediately. We have two options. The use of profiles that have an appropriate range of adjustment and leveling the curvature of the wall, or cutting the glass to size into a trapezoidal shape. Thanks to the second solution, we can install the shower enclosure with subtle brackets (as in the Arta DWS shower door), which are suitable for mounting only on straight walls. In this way we obtain the effect of a light cabin without a large amount of chromed elements.

Solution available in series:

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