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To meet the expectations of our customers, we decided to give you the opportunity to order shower enclosures in several glass variants. This applies both to standard and custom sizes.

* Except shower enclosures from series Eos (all models), Eos II (all models), Essenza New KDD-B/KDJ-B/KDJ+S/PND, Fuenta New KDD-B/KDJ-B/KDJ+S/PND and also Twist DW+S

UltraClear – glass visibly different

UltraClear glass has a low content of iron oxides, making it a product with exceptional clarity and transparency. New types of materials used in its production, enhance the ability of light transmission and reduce the greenish tint appropriate for conventional glass. This is particularly evident in the case of glass with a thickness of 6 mm and 8 mm. Instead of the green hue you will receive extraordinary clarity and glass edges in a shade of blue.

UltraClear glass is the perfect choice for whoever pays the attention to the natural colours and transparency. Crystal transparency and extremely gloss of UltraClear glass make it the ideal product for those looking for maximum brightness and faithful devotion to original colours.


ShowerGuard® is a lifetime coating on glass, which protects it from scalling and deposition of minerals from the water (regardless of its hardness), heat, humidity ang cleaning agents, preseving te beauty of glass for msny years. Glass remains pure and shiny with minimal cleaning.

The patented production process of ShowerGuard® glass allows receiving the coating which is an integral part of the glass. Unlike mechanically applied layers that are sprayed and form a chemical film that requires renovation, ShowerGuard® is a durable coating that does not need to be refreshed or re-applied. It closes the glass surface and practically prevents chemical corrosion. The coating is backed by a lifetime GUARDIAN warranty, which is confirmed by the certificate.

  • szklo standardowe
    Standard glass
  • szklo ShowerGuard
    ShowerGuard® glass

To enjoy the benefits of ShowerGuard® coating just flush the glass with water to remove residual soap (after every use of a shower enclosure). For cleaning you need only a soft cloth or wet sponge, there is no need to use commonly used cleaning agents, but when the need arises, this is acceptable. Do not use strong cleaning agents and sharp objects that could damage the coating or glass.

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