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Award for Radaway

18. 12. 2015

The “Dobre Wnętrze” monthly for the fourth time awarded prizes in the competition “Design for the Connoisseur. Beauty, Innovation and Prestige.”
We are pleased to announce that Fuenta New KDJ+S shower cubicle was awarded the title “Design for the Connoisseur. Beauty, Innovation and Prestige” in the category “Bathrooms: furniture, fittings, ceramics, bathtubs, shower cubicles.” The cubicle has been designed for modern bathrooms in which design is as important as functionality.
The purpose of the competition is to present the most interesting premieres in the interior design and construction market – products with original design, which with innovative solutions improve the quality of life. The judges, readers and customers appreciated Fuenta New KDJ+S shower cubicle for exceptional aesthetics, timeless form and functionality.
During the gala, which took place in Warsaw, our representative received the winner’s statuette. Thank you to all who voted for Fuenta New KDJ+S shower cubicle!

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