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Unusual shape of the room and the sloped roof hindering movements – these features of the bathroom in the attic were very challenging for the interior designers. Slants and horizontal beams supporting the roof add an unique character to the interior, but also take the usable area and hence reduce the space.


Natalia Stanisławska – Customer Service Specialist

To gain more space and functionality in the bathroom in the attic, you can use the niches and slants. If they are large enough, the best solution is to install the shower enclosure. In the presented case, we decided to mount the custom niche door - Eos DWS, that open both to the outside and inside. Shower door fitted to the sloped roof allows an optimal use of a small bathroom, which is too tight for a full size cabin.

Solution available in series:

Euphoria, Carena, Eos, Eos II, Fuenta, Almatea, Essenza, Torrenta
Presented solution is based on Eos series.

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