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The design of each bathroom should take into account the needs of every household member, intimacy during the use of all sanitary facilities and functionality that will result from the specific character of the room. For this purpose, it is best to create useable areas of the room, which will be separated by means of various walls or partitions.


Natalia Stanisławska – Customer Service Specialist

Partition walls in the bathroom are a good way to organise the space and divide the interior into zones. In order to increase the usability and ergonomics of the small and narrow bathroom of our clients, we proposed to put a partition wall. In this case, it sets the boundary between the shower and the toilet, providing privacy to the family members. The decorative wall also makes it easier to keep the bathroom clean (due to the close proximity of the toilet and the cabin, the glass pane would be exposed to dirt). The use of the non-standard Arta DWD shower door and cutting them to the partition wall made it possible to adapt to the new interior layout. In addition, a tempered glass pane mounted on the wall does not overwhelm the room like a full wall.

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