Rounded walk-in



A new trend can be observed in the arrangement of bathrooms – rounded shower enclosures. An idea for such a product came from a client, whose desire was not only a rounded cabin, but also a model with black frame, which will perfectly match other interior elements – black taps, a radiator, furniture handles or a mirror.

Anna Nowakowska – Customer Service Specialist

Anna Nowakowska


Thanks to the possibilities offered by the “Made to Measure” programme, we are able to meet almost any challenge. This was also the case here. Our designers offered the customer a model with Frame glass. The black lines characteristic of this type of glass are made of ceramic paint. The aluminum profile against the wall has a standard height of 200 cm, while the height of the entire cabin has been agreed with the customer. The shower enclosure in this form fits perfectly with the mirror hung next to it, it also covers the rain shower head, which prevents water from splashing. The black support bar, in turn, ensures stability and safety and is very aesthetic at the same time.

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