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New series Evo

26. 04. 2018

As research shows, a small bathroom is the most freaquent arrangement challenge. It has to be stylish, modern, and above all comfortable. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of the owners of small bathrooms, Radaway has introduced a new series of shower enclosures – Evo. The series is distinguished by the method of opening sliding doors, which allows free entry to the cabin from both the left and the right side. These shower enclosures are ideal for smaller bathrooms, where there is not enough space to use standard doors. A wide range of sizes and the use of doors made of three sliding glass panes makes it possible to obtain a relatively wide entrance to the shower enclosure even with small niche sizes (75-90 cm).

More information:
Shower enclosure Evo DW+S: https://www.radaway.eu/kategoria/evo-dws/
Shower door Evo DW: https://www.radaway.eu/kategoria/evo-dw/

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