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Glass engraving

Glass, as a mean of artistic expression, has fascinated artists for many centuries. Just to mention the island of Murano – the tradition of hand-blown Venetian glass started there in the thirteenth century and is doing well also in the twenty-first century. Glass sculptures, dishes, flowers, chandeliers, stained glass, glass balls, and even parts of musical instruments (e.g. harp or verrophone) produced all over the world – both for artistic and commercial purposes – carry on an unique feature of individualism. Working on such an inspiring material as glass, we decided to encourage you to create a stylish decoration of the shower enclosure, which will highlight the unique arrangement of your bathroom. The innovative technology of laser engraving allows applying unique patterns, decorative fonts, and even photos on a glass. Engraved pattern is always on the outer side of the shower enclosure, so that the glass does not lose the properties of tempered safety glass and is easy to keep clean – protective coatings are always from the inside of the cabin. We offer you the laser engraving on clear glass, Ultra Clear, brown, graphite, Mirror.