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About us


About us – mission

We are a manufacturer of high quality, comfortable and at the same time designer shower enclosures. We are operating on the market since 2002 and for throughout all these years of our work we have met hundreds of arrangement difficulties encountered by our customers while furnishing their the bathrooms. Years of experience have allowed us to develop all kinds of solutions to these problems. All our products are designed in our headquarters in Swarzędz, near Poznań (Poland). Here are located also production hall and warehouses.

Our mission is to create the practical things, that improve the quality of life.
We are experts in the field of shower enclosures.

We have achieved this position thanks to the knowledge, skills and many years of experience. The combination of these elements allows us to provide clients with the best products and realise unusual shower enclosure projects.

We are looking for the best technical solutions.

We have our own design department, that looks for innovation with enthusiasm and commitment, so that we are able to present you new, more advanced products every year.

We treat our customers as we ourselves would like to be treated.

Purchase of shower enclosure involves risk, because customers do not always know what to pay the attention to, so that product meets their expectations. Therefore we always tell the truth about our products, we advise clients on the best solutions and take care of them.

Getting in touch with us is a pure pleasure.

Bathroom renovation is not the most pleasant activity, that is why we try to make communication with Radaway a relief in this difficult time. We care about the comfort of our customers on every stage of the purchase and installation of the shower enclosure.

We promote family values, we respect the individuals and encourage the creative effort.

We consider our procedure of recruitment and treatment of staff as special. That is why we have the best possible team. We actively support personal and professional development of our employees. In the end, we create Radaway together.

We promote Polish products at home and abroad.

We are Polish company that is successful at home and abroad. We are proud to promote Polish products abroad.

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