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Almatea PDD

*Attention! The shower enclosure can be mounted on the shower tray or directly on the floor - with glass line or edge of the profile along the border of the tiles. [More]

Article No. Model Shower tray dimension* Height Glass colour Profile colour
30512-01-01N  PDD 80 800x800* 1950 Transparent Chrome
30512-01-05N  PDD 80 800x800* 1950 Graphite Chrome
30512-01-08N  PDD 80 800x800* 1950 Brown Chrome
30502-01-01N  PDD 90 900x900* 1950 Transparent Chrome
30502-01-05N  PDD 90 900x900* 1950 Graphite Chrome
30502-01-08N  PDD 90 900x900* 1950 Brown Chrome
30522-01-01N  PDD 100 1000x1000* 1950 Transparent Chrome
30522-01-05N  PDD 100 1000x1000* 1950 Graphite Chrome
30522-01-08N  PDD 100 1000x1000* 1950 Brown Chrome
30532-01-01N  PDD E 90x80 900x800* 1950 Transparent Chrome
30532-01-05N  PDD E 90x80 900x800* 1950 Graphite Chrome
30532-01-08N  PDD E 90x80 900x800* 1950 Brown Chrome
30542-01-01N  PDD E 100x80 1000x800* 1950 Transparent Chrome
30542-01-05N  PDD E 100x80 1000x800* 1950 Graphite Chrome
30542-01-08N  PDD E 100x80 1000x800* 1950 Brown Chrome

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